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Actiofarma – Your Innovative and Reliable Partner

We strongly believe that pursuit of partnerships, instead of classical client/service provider relationship, is a much more efficient way for emerging businesses to grow as well as to secure already established, key company procedures. Flexibility and innovation is inherent in our own daily business operations, so that is exactly what we offer towards our interested partners – the potential to design our unique collaboration and learn from each other’s experience.

Full supply chain

We are constantly looking for partners that can help us expand into new markets. Our strength and main advantage is our efficient supply chain and combined with a partner that knows the ins and outs of some local market – we can create a collaboration were both parties do what they do best and then both benefit from it. We can take care of purchasing, logistics, product preparation (packaging/re-packaging, package material production) while having all under one simple price per pack. Such approach is not only cost saving but includes the thing that is usually difficult to price in – the coordination of the whole chain.


We utilize the dynamics of the European prescription medicines market for the welfare of society – remaining the highest quality and trust of the patients using our products. As an independent group, we aim to conserve our Swedish mindset & business ethics. Together with ambitious employees and an entrepreneurial spirit, we aim to maintain and develop the marketplace, internal effectiveness, dynamics, and sustainability.


Actiofarma – Your Innovative and Reliable Partner


  • Out of the box
  • Flexibility
  • Team spirit
  • Efficiency
Repackaging of medicinal products | Actiofarma


–  2005 Actiofarma founded and started providing regulatory services;

–  2013 GDP and WDL licenses obtained;


–  2015 own warehouse acquired;


–  2016 vehicle fleet verified for transporting pharmaceuticals; logistics services first
offered to customers;


–  2018 company approved for activities related to narcotic and psychotropic substances;


–  2018 new field of activity introduced – parallel import to Lithuania;


–  2019 UAB Lakameda print shop established – manufacturer of top-quality repackaging materials;


  2020 internal process control system introduced, allowing all the company’s activities to be managed more efficiently;


–  2021 manufacturer’s authorisation license obtained.



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